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Celebrate Your Watch

The three-part StyleSet "Upcycled Denim X Vegan Apple Leather" by WELTMANN is not only a homage to simple sporty nonchalance without airs and graces, but also a committed plea for reuse and longevity.

 upcycle DENIM AppleSkin StyleSet Weltmann

  • Sustainable Denim & vegan AppleSkin leather | simple nonchalance
  • Watch Strap | handmade in Germany
  • Genuine 925 Sterling Silver Keychain | exclusive Lucky Charm Engraving
  • Classic Style Optical Soft Case | generous size 17cmx8cm
  • Worldwide free and tracked shipping | PREMIUM Deutsche Post

Wide range | wrist size | 15.5 - 20.5 cm | 6 – 8 inch
Available in lug width: 18 mm/ 20 mm/22 mm

watch not included.

From rebellious youth culture to fashion icon

When Levi Strauss used the legendary denim fabric from the southern French city of "Nîmes" (De Nîmes = denim) for his new jeans, patented in 1873, what he had in mind was a particularly durable workwear for gold diggers and adventurers.


Rbell look Weltmann denim


But it was the youth idols of the 1950s, especially legends such as James Dean, Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley, who gave the robust functional fabric its cool, rebellious character. As an expression of personal freedom and closely linked to the Love & Peace ideas of the 60s and 70s, jeans finally celebrated their worldwide triumph. Today, it is the famous fashion labels that with their designs create genuine works of art made of denim fabric.


Upcycled denim Weltmann watch band

For us at WELTMANN , Denim today stands for simple sporty nonchalance without airs and graces.

Upcycled denim - responsibly manufactured

In search of a denim fabric of outstanding quality, produced in a sustainable and intelligent way, we finally found what we were looking for near Venice. Founded in 1887 by brothers Giuseppe and Egidio Berto, BERTO INDUSTRIA TESSILE is proud of its history, experience and continuous development. In line with their 5xR philosophy - respect, recycle, reuse, repair and reduce - Berto succeeded in developing a manufacturing process that ultimately requires 70% less water, 60% less CO2 emissions and 85% less chemicals through a clever reuse of production waste - consistent recycling right from the beginning of the production process. This sustainably manufactured, durable, top-class fabric forms the basis of the three-piece Denim X AppleSkin StyleSet from WELTMANN.


recycled denim fabric

Finest apple faux leather -  100% vegan, 100% animal friendly

In ideal climate conditions and organized in small family businesses, ten percent of the European apple harvest grow in beautiful South Tyrol. This fertile, century-old cultural landscape, characterized by the bizarre rock formations of the Dolomites, features a both earthbound and at the same time progressive kind of people. In keeping with the idea of sustainability, South Tyrolean inventors have developed a fantastic, completely vegan leather from the apple residues of fruit juice production – pleasant to the skin, fresh and actually smelling of juicy apples. By the name AppleSkin the product is manufactured in Florence and has won numerous innovation awards. Just the right ingredient for the  Denim X AppleSkin StyleSet from WELTMANN.

Apple Skin and recycled Demin style Set

 so unique

It is a special pleasure for us to have created an even more unique product from this special fabric and material with its unique history: the Authentic StyleSet "Upcycled Denim X Vegan Apple Leather" - each and every one a statement for resource conservation and classic upcycling - each unique in its own right.


upcycled Jeans and vegan leather


Handmade in Germany

The WELTMANN watch strap for your very special watch is handmade in a classic design with a brushed stainless steel clasp in southern Germany.


recycled DENIM vegan leather watchband


Available in lug width: 18 mm/ 20 mm/ 22 mm

Watch strap length:
Long piece with perforation: 11.5 cm
Short piece with clasp: 8 cm
Also fits, depending on the specific watch sizes, for a wrist circumference of 15.5 cm to 20 cm (6 - 8 inches)


Swiss Sophistication

Sophisticated details such as the integrated original CAPSA interchangeable spring bars in unmatched SWISSMADE quality guarantee a safe and fast replacement of the watch strap without any tools. (Swissmade quality)


swiss quality capsa




 A special loop anchor also prevents the leather loops from slipping away.

 Loop anchor


Genuine 925 Sterling Silver Keychain

With its 38mm diameter, it has an imposing appearance at first glance. But the key ring from WELTMANN, made of genuine 925 sterling silver, is also a refined rarity in terms of craftsmanship. Thanks to special cold drawing technology, the soft silver provides the necessary resilience for a split ring. Nevertheless, the precious metal remains open to scratches and notches and thus lives the character of its owner.


DENIM vegan Leather genuine silver keychain


The high-quality diamond engraving with double scoring from POELLATH, the legendary mint and embossing company near Munich, founded in 1778 and the recipient of several awards, creates a unique brilliant effect and enhances the contrast with the brushed surface.
(Savoir-faire since 1778)


Double Score brilliant engraving


With its Latin inscription HORA SIT OPTIMA VOBIS – This hour be the best for you – the classically beautiful key ring turns into an exclusive lucky charm for passionate watch lovers. Even the ancient Romans knew how to combine the useful with the pleasant.


genuine Silver keyring


Classic Style Optical Case

The WELTMANN soft case is made in a classic design. With its generous 17cm x 8cm size, it protects not only delicate reading glasses, but also large sunglasses from scratches. Its clear cut and the excellent leather quality make it a statement of high standards without being boisterous.


apple skin and recycled denim optical case




so special | so WELTMANN

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