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Outstanding ideas and products are only truly valuable if they are created in harmony with the preservation of our planet.


so timeless

The consistent focus on the best quality and a classically timeless design ensures a sustainable use of our products beyond fashion and short-term trends, and represents a first, important step in our commitment to the environment.

Timeless Design StyleSet Weltmann


so useful

The StyleSet jewellery box has been deliberately designed as a representative storage utensil, so we avoid the creation of disposable packaging from the very conception.


StyleSet useful storage utensil


so regional

Manufacturing as regionally as possible near Munich reduces transport distances and thus significantly optimizes our CARBON footprint.


Munich Sky Weltmann


so upcycled

It is a special pleasure for us to create many products of used leather and fabric, each and every one a statement for resource conservation and classic upcycling - each unique in its own right.


upcycled leather Weltmann


The Authentic StyleSet "Upcycled SWISS Military Jacket" for instance is not only a homage to incomparable quality and timeless simple beauty, but also a committed plea for reuse and longevity.


upcycled and recycled swiss military jackets


so responsible

Our cardboard shipping packaging is based on the highest standards in terms of recycling and environmental protection.


Grassline Packaging


As a supplement to pulp, special pellets made from grass fibers offer enormous potential for reducing the need for cellulose from timber. This protects our forests and promotes sustainable forestry.


  Grassline weltmann


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