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Schopenhauer 1815

The perfect man ...

"The perfect man of the world

would be the one

who never hesitated in indecision

nor rushed into precipitance"


Arthur Schopenhauer
1788  - 1860



Creativity and craftsmanship, grown in man-of-the-world tranquility, create timeless masterpieces for your passion.


Celebrate Your Watch

 Celebrate your watch StyleSet Weltmann

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Double Score Engraving WELTMANN

Savoir-faire since 1778

When man of the world Arthur Schopenhauer was born in 1788, the legendary POELLATH mint company was celebrating its 10th anniversary.

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Weltmann social cooperation

Social Cooperation

"It is an indescribable joy to see people overcome difficulties with a lot of optimism and determination, creating pride and self-confidence"

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