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Double Score Engraving WELTMANN

Savoir-faire since 1778

When man of the world and philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer was born in 1788, the legendary POELLATH company near Munich was celebrating its 10th anniversary. Recipient of several awards by the King of Bavaria and also appointed papal court supplier since the 1910 World Exhibition in Brussels, POELLATH stands for innovation with tradition. Thanks to its worldwide unique expertise, which has matured over more than two centuries, WELTMANN today presents you with a key ring made of 925 sterling silver that is unparalleled.


Double Score engraving Weltmann split ring 925 sterling silver




In the heart of Bavaria, probably the most beautiful region of Germany and not far from Munich, there is the village of Schrobenhausen, which was first mentioned in 790 AD. Known today in gourmet circles for its excellent asparagus, the picturesque village also produced great personalities. The so-called "Munich Painter Prince" Ritter Franz von Lenbach portrayed, from Pope to Emperor, all those of high rank at the time and became a dazzling personality himself. The Lenbachplatz in Munich's Old Town with its imposing buildings, still bears witness to his outstanding importance.


Weltmann - Schrobenhausen Kulturstadt in Bayern

Schrobenhausen in the heart of Bavaria - Market Square on New Year's Eve


Schrobenhausen is also home to an icon of German craft tradition. In 1778, the POELLATH company was founded. In 1825 Carl Poellath received a special award from the first Bavarian king ever, King Maximilian I Joseph and his wife Queen Caroline for his innovative achievements. After POELLATH was awarded a prize for its medal art at the World Exhibition in Brussels both in 1873 and 1910, the company managed to rise to the position of Royal Bavarian and even Pontifical Court Supplier.


First King of Bavaria
Presentation coin of 1819

The first king of Bavaria, affectionately called "Max-Joseph"


POELLATH, with its mix of expertise and innovative strength of centuries, remains the undisputed No.1 in terms of coins, embossing and engraving in Germany and beyond. No wonder, then, that an original POELLATH emblem adorns the radiator grille of the 1500 hp Bugatti supersports car Chiron.



Weltmann Partner Poellath reference


WELTMANN 925-Sterling-Silver “Lucky Charm” Key Ring

perfected by POELLATH


With its 38mm diameter, it has an imposing appearance at first glance. But the key ring from WELTMANN, made of genuine 925 sterling silver, is also a refined rarity in terms of craftsmanship.


exclusive genuine Sterling silver split ring by WELTMANN Munich


Thanks to special cold drawing technology, the soft silver provides the necessary resilience for a split ring. Nevertheless, the precious metal remains open to scratches and notches and thus lives the character of its owner. The high-quality diamond engraving with double scoring from POELLATH creates a unique brilliant effect and enhances the contrast with the brushed surface


This hour be the best for you - lucky Charm by Weltmann


With its Latin inscription HORA SIT OPTIMA VOBIS – This hour be the best for you – the classically beautiful key ring turns into an exclusive lucky charm for passionate watch lovers. Even the ancient Romans knew how to combine the useful with the pleasant.

The perfect Man of the World

Swissmade Quality & Sophistication

The Origin of all Passion


 so special | so WELTMANN

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Schopenhauer 1815

The perfect man ...

"The perfect man of the world would be the one who never hesitated in indecision nor rushed into precipitance" Arthur Schopenhauer (1788  - 1860)

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