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Upcycled SWISS Military Jacket "Ordonnanz 72"

Upcycled SWISS Military Jacket "Ordonnanz 72"


Three masterpieces
handmade from Swiss military jackets
of the 70s, 80s and early 90s.


StyleSet Upcycled swiss loden by Weltmann


The three-part StyleSet "Upcycled SWISS Military Jacket" by WELTMANN is not only a homage to incomparable quality and timeless simple beauty, but also a committed plea for reuse and longevity.


Weltmann StyleSet upcycled SWISS Military Jackets


Like no other country, Switzerland stands for freedom, democracy and peaceful neutrality. Its nature is particularly unspoilt, partly spectacular and always beautiful.


The legendary ingenuity and the persistent pursuit of the best performance justify Switzerland's rise to one of the most prosperous countries on earth. It is the land of chocolate art and, of course, home to the finest watch manufacturers in the world.


Swiss quality used by Weltmann


The Swiss military is also part of this great success story. It is considered modern and popular, the quality of training and equipment as excellent.

From the mid-1970s to the early 90s of the last century, the jacket of the Swiss army's full-dress uniform, according to the "Ordonnanz72", consisted of the finest loden, which is unparalleled. This exceptional loden quality is now very rarely found in the trade and if so, then in the area of traditional, first-class hunting apparel outfitters.


schweizer Militärjacke


No wonder, then, that the coveted "weapon skirt of the Ordonnanz72" sold like hotcakes even after completing military service in the usual men's sizes. But what happened to the discarded and ultimately unsellable special sizes?


recycled Loden used by swiss army


We at WELTMANN have succeeded in finding and securing a small special contingent. This stock, which cannot be used due to the special clothing sizes, would have been destroyed in the end, despite the as-good-as-new condition of the material.


Loden is made of finest sheep wool


The loden fabric, made of highly compacted sheep wool, is extremely resistant and durable. It is by nature dirt-repellent, odourless, flame-retardant and thermo-regulating. The colour varies from stone-grey to olive, depending on the individual piece and lighting.


StyleSet upcycled swiss Military jacket weltmann


It is a special pleasure for us to have created an even more unique product from this special fabric with its unique history: the Authentic StyleSet "Upcycled SWISS Military Jacket" - each and every one a statement for resource conservation and classic upcycling - each unique in its own right.


so special | so WELTMANN


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