SpacePilot® strap | Upcycled CITROËN DS | 16 pieces only


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handmade in Germany strap citroen DS seat leather

The WELTMANN SpacePilot® limited edition for CITROËN DS lovers

Wide range | wrist size | 16- 22,5 cm | 6– 9 inch
Lug width | 20mm | 0,79 inch
Length 30 cm | 11,8 inch
Matte metal loop

watch not included


space pilot strap citroen DS seat leather


According to the historical specifications of the Apollo moon landing mission refined with CITROËN DS | Henri Chapron seat leather.


Citroen DS-SpacePilot watch band


Weltmann SpacePilot strap Citroen DS interieur leather


It is a masterpiece of the French art of engineering, an icon of style.


legendary Citroen DS21 Henri Chapron


The goddess, the Citroën DS, to this day excites design professionals and car lovers.


Citroen DS Chapron


The Goddess at the restoration in Munich, Germany.


Citroen DS inside


The SpacePilot® watch strap based on the original specifications of the Apollo moon landing mission.


SpacePilot equipment
original manual for manned space flight


 Now refined with appliqués that each tell their own unique story.


recycled seat leather


The original used seat leather of the beautiful DS21 Cabriolet special edition by French car manufacturer legend Henri Chapron.

 handmade in Germany strap citroen DS seat leather

Super-stable strap, hand sewn in Germany according to the authentic instructions of the manual for PILOT OPERATING EQUIPMENT FOR MANNED SPACE FLIGHT of the Apollo moon landing mission.


Authentic specification for moon mission strap

Now upcycled in a strictly limited edition of only sixteen unique pieces, combined with the original seat leather of a CITROEN DS 21 Cabriolet from the 60s Special Edition by French engineering legend Henri Chapron.

Certificate of authenticy limited edition weltmann

Best Quality handmade in Munich, Germany, in Cooperation with a Social Project. (read more)


SpacePilot strap for Citroem DS lovers


spacepilot strap for car lovers


the limited edition upcycled seat leather of citroen DS


Limited edition spacepilot watch and car lovers


spacepilot strap citroen oldtimer leather


so special | so WELTMANN

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