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Connector | Apple Watch mm size:
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The WELTMANN SpacePilot® limited edition for Aston Martin DB2 lovers


The SpacePilot® strap combined with the original seat leather of an Aston Martin DB2 from the 50s.



JUSTASTRAP | luxury edition with silver loop

Strictly limited edition | 99 pieces only

Authentic historical pilot size | Not suitable for narrow wrists.

Wrist size | 16,5 - 22,5 cm | 6,5 – 9 inch
Lug width | 20mm | 0,79 inch
Original Pilot length 30 cm | 11,8 inch

watch not included


Genuine silver loop crafted and hand polished in Germany



With pre-mounted Apple Watch adapters in silver or black. Other colors available on request.



According to the historical specifications of the Apollo moon landing mission refined with Aston Martin DB2 seat leather from the 50th.



Not only a homage to simple sporty nonchalance without airs and graces, but also a committed plea for reuse and longevity.



At the latest when Jean Connery chased the villain Goldfinger (German actor Gert Fröbe) in 1964 on behalf of Her Majesty and with his very specially equipped Aston Martin, the silver luxury sports car is a real cult object.



Here we have an Aston Martin DB2 from the 1950s in a workshop specializing in classic car restoration in Great Britain



The red-brown original Intérieur leather with all its color shades and quirks tells us about 70 years of enthusiasm and passion.



Now upcycled in a strictly limited edition of only 99 unique pieces. The SpacePilot® strap combined with the original seat leather of an Aston Martin DB2 from the 50s,



Super-stable strap, hand sewn in Germany according to the historical instructions of the manual for PILOT OPERATING EQUIPMENT FOR MANNED SPACE FLIGHT of the US Apollo moon landing mission.


SpacePilot equipment


original specification for manned space flight


specification of strap

Best quality handmade in Munich, Germany, in cooperation with a social project. (read more)



JUSTASTRAP | luxury edition

The SpacePilot® strap in the luxury JUSTASTRAP variant features a handcrafted and hand polished genuine silver loop made in Germany.



The historical mission number is inscribed on the front. The precious metal remains open to scratches, discoloration and notches and thus lives the character of its owner.


so special | so WELTMANN


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