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TrueBuddies® collar | Upcycled Denim

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single | complete

Can be ordered as a set consisting of dog collar and watch strap or separately. Information on the matching SpacePilot strap can be found here.

world from moon


Celebrate your magical friendship

100% reliable space technology for real watch and dog enthusiasts.



The TrueBuddies® dog collar upcycled Denim

Based on the historical specifications for the construction of the watch band of the US Apollo moon landing mission. Now refined with upcycled denim fabric of outstanding quality from BERTO INDUSTRIA TESSILE near Venice, Italy.



SpacePilot equipment


original specification for manned space flight


specification of strap


Best quality handmade in Munich, Germany, in cooperation with a social project. (read more)

One size fits nearly all: neck size 28– 49 cm | 11– 19 inch



Refined with appliqués that each tell their own unique story.


Upcycled denim - responsibly manufactured

In search of a denim fabric of outstanding quality, produced in a sustainable and intelligent way, we finally found what we were looking for near Venice. Founded in 1887 by brothers Giuseppe and Egidio Berto, BERTO INDUSTRIA TESSILE is proud of its history, experience and continuous development. In line with their 5xR philosophy - respect, recycle, reuse, repair and reduce - Berto succeeded in developing a manufacturing process that ultimately requires 70% less water, 60% less CO2 emissions and 85% less chemicals through a clever reuse of production waste - consistent recycling right from the beginning of the production process. This sustainably manufactured, durable, top-class fabric forms the basis of the TrueBuddies® Denim collar from WELTMANN.

 more information visit the homepage.



Over 24 months of tests and adjustments.  Whether sun, salt water, sand and wind on the Dutch North Sea coast or snow and ice in the Bavarian Alps.



The TrueBuddies® dog collars have passed all adventures with flying colors. And Luna, our beautiful WELTMANN hunting dog lady, wears them with great pride and dignity. 




how to use


watch not included



so special | so WELTMANN

Weltmann Denim Collar
TrueBuddies® collar | Upcycled Denim Sale price€60,00